Terms & Conditions

All proofs are subject to approval. If there are errors on any final printed product that was approved we will charge design time to correct any errors. Any changes or alterations from the original instructions will also be charged accordingly. Printing of final product will only begin with the approval of proof(s) WITHOUT changes.

Free delivery is subject to delivery within Dona Ana County. Any deliveries outside of Dona Ana County will be charged appropriately. Free furniture installation is subject to facility accepting deliveries, i.e. area for office set up is clear and ready for new installation. We do NOT remove old furniture from any job site.
Next day delivery on office products is dependent on current stock (96% fill rate). In the event item is back ordered, you will be notified and the product will be delivered no more than 3 days after the order is placed at no extra charge.

Legal forms are sold as is with no advice/tips on how to fill out ANY form OR which form is appropriate to the issue at hand for the customer’s needs. It is illegal to solicit legal advice on any legal form from anyone outside the legal scope (i.e. attorney’s, etc…); we, nor the notary in our facility does not and will not give legal advice (i.e. filling out forms). It is also illegal to duplicate any blank legal form per copyright infringement.

Free delivery denotes free within Dona Ana County. Any deliveries made outside Dona Ana County are subject to delivery fees on a per job basis.


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